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Tauerville Amber Flash review; A cosy blanket for the British summer…

I am a big fan of Andy Tauer’s creations, 14 Noontide Petals and Carillon pour un Ange are among my favourites, as well as Sotto La Luna Gardenia which I had the joy to sniff at Les Senteurs when it launched and meet the man himself. Andy made a lasting impression to everyone, as he is passionate and kind and took the time to answer everyone’s questions; he also gifted us with his soap which is truly magnificent!

Tauerville is a more recent line and it includes so far five “Flash” perfumes that focus on a note interpreted in a different way. When the first ones were launched in 2014 and early 2015 they were not available in the UK and I yearned to try them. My wish was granted about a year later when I was lucky enough to win Andy’s Advent Calendar and Amber Flash was my choice.

Andy describes it on his website as “The perfect amber scent”, smooth and wild at the same time, rich and warm. I am not sure if it’s a perfect amber, however it is truly beautiful.

It opens up very warm and animalic on my skin, the labdanum taking over all other notes with a hint of vanilla. It continues to evolve with the benzoin, sandalwood and patchouli making their appearance with the slightest hint of rose and cashmeran that gives it a clean and musky feeling, preventing it to become heavy and cloy. After a point the amber with the sandalwood become entwined on my skin, rich indeed, warm and cosy.

Amber flash is just gorgeous, I will agree, and it feels like a comfortable cashmere blanket that keeps you warm in the winter.

I wore it throughout the cold months, its warmth providing me comfort, and reached out for it again the last few days as the weather in London doesn’t seem to have gotten the brief that summer is here. But then again it never does, does it?

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