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And so it begins...

Life is a journey and we take steps towards new destinations every day. This is how I found myself living in London almost four years ago. I always loved travel and good food (I'm Greek, it's somehow embeded in our DNA), always loved make up and skincare but here is where my perfume addiction went a little overboard. My perfume collection was big to begin with but in London, where almost every perfume is available and often before anywhere else in the world, the temptation was too much! Also the rise of Niche and Indie perfumers as well as the birth of The Perfume Society of which I am a proud founding member, has

enabled me to experience scents beyond my wildest imagination. I try to get involved as much as possible in learning the stories behind all creations and meeting the perfumers.

I decided to create this blog to share stories and experiences and everyone is welcome for the ride!

Photo: Tom Duke (from the #ShareyourStash article in The Perfume Society's issuee 12 of The Scented Letter)

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