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4160 Tuesdays and the mystery of the materials

"Proper perfumes made in London", states the motto on the beautiful tins housing the 4160 Tuesdays perfumes created by perfumer Sarah McCartney.

The description couldn't be more accurate because to be honest I haven't tried a perfume by Sarah and not like it, some more than others and a few have become second skin. Centrepiece, A Kiss by the Fireside, Shazam!, Sunshine and Pancakes, just to name a few as well as Goddess of Love and Perfume & Midnight in the Palace Garden which were crowdfunded through Indiegogo.

The new Indiegogo campaign that launched sometime ago but is stillopen if you're interested in participating, is about 4 new perfumes and each of them will be accompanied by their own mystery story.

The names weird and wonderful as always:

  • The Buddhawood Box - four distinctive woods, with a note of multicoloured opalescence. This is how the inside of an aged sandalwood box smells like, woody, musky, dark and full of secrets. When it dries down I get notes of patchouli and rose that enhance the woods and escpecially the sandalwood.

  • Flora Psychedelica - a blend of rare flowers with intoxicating spices and herbs. She is bright and flowery, opens very fizzy and soon the white flowers appear, fresh with hint of mint and a spicy / powdery drydown. It's a very bright scent and I think it needs warmer weather to fully develop its notes.

  • The Apples & Pears - autumn fruit in a tiny London orchard. Very fruity, I get the apples and the pears immediately together with the tree and soil they grow on as it turns to a sweet almost cooked - poached apple / pear dessert, not sugary sweet but really gourmand.

  • Captured by Candlelight - traditional plum pudding, covered in brandy and set alight, with a background of oak panels and oil paintings. It opens with a blast of brandy and dried fruit soaked in it with an added buttery feel almost like hazelnut spread. Itdries down to a beautiful gourmand scent with added chocolate, vanilla and lovely woods.

My favourite is Captured by Candlelight and I'm looking forward to reading the story that inspired it - or it might be the other way round! Either way the perfumes are lovely and the first story I read, The Mystery of the Buddhawood Box, thoroughly enjoyable!

I look forward to the official launch event, are ou coming?

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