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Perfume of the week… Guerlain AA Lys Soleia… Summer dreaming…

I must confess, I haven’t been to the beach for 4 years which is highly unusual for someone that spent every summer swimming carelessly at every given opportunity.

What I miss most about the sea and especially the Aegean Sea (it somehow smells a lot different than every other sea I’ve been to) is how your skin and hair smell after a day at the beach.

Lys Soleia from Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria line has somehow managed to fill this gap.

It appeared on the market in 2012 and although it got great reviews and much love from Guerlain fans, it was discontinued. You can still find it online and I highly recommend you do as it is pure sunshine in a bottle!

The notes of the perfume are:

Top: bergamot, lemon and palm leaves.

Heart: lily, ylang-ylang, and tropical fruits.

Base: tuberose, vanilla and white musk.

It opens with a blast of bright green citruses and the lilies present right from the start. Very quickly the juicy fruits, ylang and tuberose appear playfully and mingle with the lilies. As the scent dries down the sweet vanilla and musk help transform it to a beautiful skin scent that projects happiness.

I am dreaming of wearing this scent on the beach late afternoon when the sun kissed skin, sand, salt and suntan lotion mingle with the heady flowers, vanilla and green leaves to give you the ultimate summer experience.

Happiness in its purest form!

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