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Scent Stories… MiN New York Collection… Volume 1 Dune Road

Every perfume tells a story. Scents get imprinted in our memory from a very early age and we associate them with people, feelings, locations and life events, most of the times subconsciously throughout our life. Scent is like magic; it can transport you to different times and places, awake memories and help you deal with difficult times in your life.

MiN New York wanted to tap into these memories and associations, so they launched the SCENT STORIES Collection Volume 1 in 2014 which consists of 11 fragrances each telling an olfactory story of its own.

Dune Road is Chapter 1 of the stories and the notes are:

Top: Absinthe, Cardamom & Ozone

Heart: Marine, Salt, Sea Grass, Seaweed & Driftwood

Base: Vetyver, Cedarwood & Musk

It’s the definition of a beach scent and when I say beach scent I mean how the beach actually smells, salty, ozonic and with plenty of seaweed. To my nose this is a very prominent note. I used to gather seaweed from a beach in Evia Island and dry it to use it in my bath during the winter time as seaweed is great for detox and the scent took me right back there.

I remember walking barefoot on the beach in the afternoon when it was less crowded and fish the fresh seaweed out of the sea as it was washed out. The wind blowing, hitting my face with the ozonic iodine smell of the sea and feeling carefree, that was the best part of the days I spent there.

The perfume evolves to a spicy, woody scent with a musky undertone that lasts a very long time on my skin.

When I gave it to my husband to smell it he immediately thought watermelons and melons! There are no such notes in the perfume but when I sniffed my wrist again to see what made him think of that, I got the association; not watermelons alone but combined with salty feta cheese, a very popular Greek summer snack, juicy and refreshing , sweet and salty, perfectly balanced.

I will be reviewing one of the stories every week so stay tuned for more!

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