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Scent Stories… MiN New York Collection Chapter 3 - The Botanist...

Volume 1 Chapter 3 of the MiN Scent Stories continues The Botanist, a green & herbal aromatic fragrance.

“A perfume of fruit & flowers with an earthy finish.

All day, every day- dirt, petals & roots.”

The notes are:

Top: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn & Apple

Heart: Peony, Cypress, Lily of the Valley & Rose

Base: Vetiver, Musk & Ambergris

It opens with a blast of vetiver, green and earthy, the apple enhancing the greenness and the grapefruit the sharpness. It softens after a while to a dry woody bouquet with the flowers wafting their aroma in the background as vetiver remains strong throughout. It dries to a very earthy and sweet vetiver skin scent with the musk softening the composition and making it long lasting.

Vibrant lime green, shiny and sharp, the colour in my mind turns almost purple at the dry down like the sun setting among the forest trees, your nose filled with the earthy green and dry aromas as you walked among them.

A must try for anyone that loves vetiver based fragrances.

Next week we’ll have a look at Chapter no. 4!

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