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Lipstick Tuesday… KYLIE matte liquid lipstick…

Continuing today with the matte lipstick craze, I’ll be reviewing one of the most talked about products of this category.

Kylie Jenner has an obsession with her lips and it was only natural to put her name down to a product that represented her image. Sneak peaks started last year around this time and if I’m not mistaken she launched her lip kits around Christmas. They were sold out (even though they were re-stocking) for ages and although I wanted to get my hands on one I wasn’t prepared to pay the extravagant eBay prices some people were asking. I ended up getting one about 3 months ago and the shade I chose was CANDY K.

CANDY K is a nude shade with a hint of pink that complements my skin tone very much. The formula is quite liquid but it’s very easy to put on and dries very quickly, becoming completely matte and feels very light on the lips. The scent is quite sweet, vanilla / butter, but it disappears after a couple of minutes. It lasts all day on my lips with no transfer or feathering and feels like I’m not wearing any lipstick at all. The kit includes a lip liner as well. I have tried using the lipstick by itself and with the liner and haven’t noticed any differences, only with the liner the lips look more defined and fuller.

Overall it’s a very decent product, reasonably priced and the packaging is awesome!

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