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Scent Stories… MiN New York MAGIC CIRCUS...

Magic Circus is the 7th Chapter of Volume 1 of the SCENT STORIES Collection.

“Turn of the century, a carnival travels at dusk.

A scrumptious, gourmand perfume. A splendid wonder swirling in enchantment.”

The notes are:

Top: Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn, Ananas & Cotton Candy Heart: Cistus, Labdanum, Nuts & Geranium Base: Patchouli, Caramel & Wood Chips

I have been wearing Magic Circus for quite a few days now; can’t seem to be able to let it go and move to the next story. It’s a crowd pleaser I must say, both the men and women at my work have fallen head over heels for it. It’s easy to see (or better smell) why, as it opens with a sweet cotton candy blast layered with pink peppercorn and citrus that give it a fresh tone and prevent it from becoming overly sweet, or cloying. Very soon the scent of roasted nuts appears with a very prominent labdanum note and geranium followed by sweetened patchouli, caramel and wood that mix with the top notes that keep reappearing. The patchouli, geranium and wood combination give to the perfume a masculine feel that makes the perfect contrast with the sweet and girly cotton candy & caramel.

Magic Circus is a perfect name for this fragrance, as it definitely gives you the perfect rural circus image, the stands selling cotton candy, sugary sweets, drinks & roasted nuts mixed with the woodchips inside the tent, the leather of the horse’s saddles getting ready to perform and the faint scent of fires burning in the background. It keeps evolving and many notes disappear and reappear enhancing the magical feeling it wants to convey.

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