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Lipstick Tuesday… L’Oreal Gold Obsession

Everyone loves a little sparkle and shine especially now with Christmas around the corner.

The new L’Oreal Gold Obsession lipsticks certainly live up to their name and started gaining a lot of followers months ahead of their launch. There was a sneak peek during the Cannes Festival and the full reveal came at Paris Fashion Week where the Gold shade made a statement as it was used not only as a lipstick, but as an eyeshadow and a highlighter on the models.

Since launching over 30 Years ago, L’Oreal took the Color Riche lipstick even further, by developing the Gold Obsession shades infused with 24-carat Gold pigments for an on-trend metallic finish.

The 5 shades that made it to the UK out of the total 8 released in the US are :

Pink Gold

Nude Gold

Rouge Gold

Plum Gold

Pure Gold

All of them are rich metallic shades, very flattering on the lips.

Pink Gold and Nude Gold are extremely easy to wear on a daily basis and the soft gold tones complement the skin in a very flattering way. Rouge Gold and Plum Gold are bright and vibrant, perfect for the evening with just enough sparkle and shine and Pure Gold is, well, a masterpiece. I have tried wearing it over another lipstick where it gives a perfect shimmer, on its own, where one swipe gives a light shimmer and more, a dramatic effect on the lips but the trick is to use it as a highlighter, eyeshadow, or pretty much anywhere you want your skin to sparkle! #GoldObsession is the new trend on the lips!

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