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Travel destination... Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is my hometown in Greece and I visit at least twice a year to see friends and family and stock up with delicious food! The city has a great reputation for having some of the best pastry shops as well as restaurants thas serve all kind of delicacies! The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm and Ihad the opportunity to enjoy loads of coffee outside and enjoy the city! I hope you enjoy it too through my photos!

The White Tower, local landmark

Bougatsa for breakfast every day!

Enjoying coffee in the sunshine!

Lunch looked something like this!!

Wandering around the city!

Stocking up on cheeseand salami!!

A neccessary stop to buy Greek Coffee at Loumidis'

Delicious sweets!!

Beauty and perfume of course!!

The view from above!!!

The family garden in Chalkidiki!

A couple more shots from downtown...

And goodbye until next time!!!!

I hope you enjoyed the journey!!

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