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MiN New York Collection Chapter 10… ONSEN

Perfume of the week and Scent Stories come into one for the 10th Chapter of Volume 1 of the SCENT STORIES Collection which is Onsen.

Inspired by Japanese volcanic hot springs, ONSEN evokes communion with nature.

This potion is mineral, dynamic, ritualistic& transcendent.

Top: Absinthe, Bergamot, Fennel, Rosemary, Thyme & Tarragon

Heart: Pine Needles, Cypress & Marine Notes

Base: Oak Moss, Vetyver & Ambergris

I’ve never visited Japan (yet!) but from the photos and travel documentaries I’ve seen, the volcanic hot springs are all located in the woods amidst thick vegetation in the forest up in the mountains.

Since ancient times, the Japanese people have been very fond of these hot springs, which have become part of the Japanese lifestyle as they are effective in treating injuries and illnesses as well as relieving fatigue and help you destress and reconnect with nature.

Onsen starts very green, aromatic and woody on my skin transferring me into the deep forest with absinthe giving it an extra dimension and the marine notes in the heart provide a metallic, salty and “wet” aspect to the scent while oakmoss, vetiver and ambergris at the base soften it providing a creamy, soft and comforting drydown that clings to the skin for hours.

It’s a perfect scent for the first days of harsh winter we are starting to experience in the UK!

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