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Daniel Josier Perfumes sample set… a perfect Christmas gift!

December 1st today and the Christmas frenzy is just about to set in. This is the moment you realize that you haven’t got a tree, enough decorations, planned a Christmas party, bought Christmas cards and most important bought the perfect presents for your friends and family; especially the ones that you know love perfume and maybe even asked for a perfume gift but you are unsure what to get them. Well, the solution is quite simple! Buy them a perfume sample set and let them decide themselves which one is their favourite! The only sure thing is that they will have lots of fun trying new things and maybe deciding they like something a bit different than they usually would.

One of the best sample sets I received lately are from Daniel Josier. I am a big fan of Josune –review here - Vetiver, Tuberose and Bois D’Iris are beautifully blended interpretations of the respective main notes but the one that caught my attention was Green Leather, the newest addition to the collection; a unique mixture of thyme, saffron, raspberry, incense, jasmine, leather, suede, woods and amber which I intend to wear more and will write about in the future but for now let’s focus on the sample sets! They are beautifully presented in a black box with gold letters and each one includes 6 perfumes in generous 5ml vials. Plenty of juice to give each perfume a proper test! Daniel Josier launched recently a UK site as well where you can find all his creations.

The countdown to Christmas has begun!

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