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Perfume of the week… Tauer Perfume in a Soap

This week our perfume comes in a different form. It’s a soap, but not just any soap, it’s an Andy Tauer soap. Andy has been making these for years as gifts to friends and family – plus some lucky attendees to events he’s been to, like myself – and this year he decided to share this exquisite creation with the rest of his loyal fans and customers.

There are 2 scents available, Majestic Tuberose and Mandarines Ambrées. I got both of them as I was really curious as to how they’d smell and I must admit I am a huge fan of soap bars in general.

The soaps come in a colourful box firmly wrapped in cellophane. It honestly takes a lot of effort to unwrap them and there is a good reason for this as the moment the wrap is off the gorgeous scent unravels and before long your entire room / house / space smells of it.

I opened Majestic Tuberose first, a tuberose in bloom, heady, fragrant and fresh with the help of roses and jasmine that give it a greener note. Mandarines Ambrées came second and I can’t think of a more festive soap, it’s green, juicy and aromatic with a hint of ambergris that spices it up and help it last even longer on the skin.

They make excellent lather, rich, aromatic, long lasting and very soft. The pure glycerine plus the generous 4% perfume they contain leaves your skin clean, hydrated and perfumed for hours. They make excellent bases for your perfumes as well, I tried Majestic Tuberose with Tuberose Flash that gave me the feeling I was walking into a tuberose fragrant cloud all day and with Rose Flash that enhanced the rose and blended beautifully with the blooming tuberose. Mandarines Ambrées was paired with Amber Flash that gave me the cosiest, snuggliest, most festive feeling, as the warmth of the amber was enhanced by the sparkling mandarin orange, while Vanilla Flash left me a sweet, mouth-watering, dessert like impression all day.

I plan to never be without them in the future and hope Andy comes up with more scents for them!

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