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Scent Stories… MiN New York Collection Chapter 11 – Moon Dust

Moon Dust is the last chapter of Volume 1 of MiN’s Scent Stories.

It was said that the moon smells of gunpowder after a desert rain.




Top: Coriander, Mineral Accord & Carrot Seed

Heart: Flint, Ozone & Tobacco

Base: Benzoin, Earth & Black Musk

The initial spray reveals the fiery temper of the perfume which reminds me of a bonfire on the beach, smoky, wild, salty and full of promise. The coriander and carrot seed add a hint of spiciness and the tobacco helps give another dimension to the scent, adding depth and extra smokiness. It becomes a skin scent quite quickly, a mixture of burnt salty wood, and smoky musk that lingers on for quite a long time. It is truly a unique perfume and for me if the moon’s scent resembles anything like it, I think it would be a very interesting place to visit!

With Mood Dust we conclude the journey through Volume 1 of Min's Scent Stories and I hope you enjoyed it!

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