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Beyond the Waterfall… an experience by Bompas and Parr

Bompas and Parr, masters of jelly and experimental projects have been behind some of the most innovative ideas and experiences lately in London and worldwide.

Their latest one was Beyond the Waterfall, a cocktail Odyssey, where in the heart of Westfield a mystical cave was hidden behind a waterfall with mythical creatures lurking and prizes waiting to be won.

When entering the reception beautiful nymphs welcomed you and prepared you for your journey by giving you a precious velvet pouch containing 2 silver shells that would help you ensure safe passage and grant you rewards.

Once ready we entered the cave with the whispering waters, where a ferryman helped us climb in a small boat and paddle our way around the lagoon. In exchange of one of our shells we got a bottle of “potion” and swiftly paddled through the waters underneath the waterfall where the first part of our journey finished.

We reached the crystal cave where we got to choose a crystal, or better a crystal chose us, cheered with the help of a seer and a sip of the “potion” against the Cthulhu passage where luminous jellyfish were eerily swimming.

Then finally reached our destination, the cocktail cavern where the mythical creatures, the mermen, were hidden.

Our host Ruby introduced us to the mermen and served us a drink while we got to know these mythical creatures better and had a better look at our cave.

After a while we were seated and in exchange for our second silver shell we got another cocktail from the list that included Floating Gold, Sea Air, The Old Man & The Sea, Shipwreck Sour and Cthulhu Margarita. My choice was Floating Gold as in contained Ambergris and I must say that the scent was very strong and combined perfectly with the cognac and other ingredients, a drinkable perfume very much to my taste.

When it was time for us to go we left having spent an hour paddling, exploring, drinking and mingling with mythical creatures, unique and refreshing. A great experience at the most perfect time of the year!

As you can see the cave was filled with different kinds of treasure....

Merry Christmas everyone!

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