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Silidyn silicon supplement trial

I was invited through WeAreThirtyPlus to take part at an 8 week trial of Silidyn.

Silidyn is a Silicon supplement in liquid form for superior absorption aimed to help you get stronger bones, connective tissue, hair, skin and nails.

I started my 8 week trial at the beginning of December and now being halfway through it, I thought I’d give you a first impression of the results.

It’s the first thing I drink every morning; 10 drops in half a glass of water. It has no taste at all so if juice, tea or coffee is what you drink before breakfast you can very easily mix it with any of them.

I was very keen on trying it for 2 reasons: first my hair has lost their volume and length ever since I moved to London (I blame the water and an unfortunate coloring incident) and I’ve tried a lot of products to restore them to former glory but with no visible results. Since week 2 of my Silidyn trial I started noticing a big reduction on the amount of hair left on my brush and now, 4 weeks in, I can feel my hair have grown in length considerably more than usually and are much fuller. My nails have always been quite strong so I wasn’t hoping for an improvement there but my skin has had visible benefits as, despite being very cold, it keeps its moisture in and doesn’t require the ridiculous amounts of moisturizer I used to use. The second reason I wanted to be part of the trial and most important health benefit I hoped for and actually noticed is a reduction in joint pain. I walk a lot on a daily basis and during the last couple of years, especially when it was cold, I was feeling some discomfort in my hip joints and shoulders which has reduced considerably. I must say I am quite impressed with the results so far and if you are intrigued you can try it too!!

Silidyn is offering to my readers a chance to try it as well so if you comment on my post, on Instagram, twitter or facebook I will draw 5 names – in the UK only, sorry!– to take part in the trial as well!

I will return with a new post after the completion of my trial and will include more detailed information about the product as well as advice from a nutritionist!

Stay tuned!

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