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Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Matte 41 Bold Red

Lipstick Tuesdays continues with another matte lipstick in a cherry red shade. I believe that once you tried matte lipsticks you can’t really go back to glosses especially if the lipstick is as creamy and long lasting as Elizabeth Arden’s.

The formula is exceptional as it provides long term moisture on the lips while ensuring long wear that lasts up to twelve hours. These creamy matte lipsticks are intensely pigmented, silky smooth on the lips and definitely fade-resistant. Very comfortable to wear and in case you want to reapply, the gorgeous case is a practically a jewel to be admired. Although very matte it has golden pigments that enhance the color and make it luminous and bright.

#41 Bold Red is a stunning cherry red shade that has another advantage as well... it has the most gorgeous vanilla chocolate scent.

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