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Rouge Bunny Rouge Beauty Box launch

I am a huge fan of Rouge Bunny Rouge perfumes and beauty products and always look forward to their new launches. As of yesterday they launched a quarterly RBR Beauty Box; the first one is named “Winter” and will be available as gift with purchase from their website.

Each RBR Beauty Box will be featuring a lovely set of original products, travel-size miniatures, samples and collectable goodies and they will all be released with a different beauty theme according to season and mood.

The first RBR Beauty Box, edition “Winter”, is designed to cheer up the wintery mood with some lovely products for elegantly defined eyes and smooth, glowing skin and contains:

For long-lasting, expressive eye make-up:

  • Satin Eyeliner NOCTURNAL INK, ‘Blue Roan’ – original size

  • Modelling Mascara WITCHERY, ‘Midnight’ – original size

Mood: black tree branches calligraphic and dramatic against early darkening blue sky

For soft, smooth, dewy skin in the midst of winter:

  • Aqua Primer PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS – miniature

  • Bronzing Glow Liquid AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL... – miniature

  • Highlighting Liquid SEAS OF ILLUMINATION, ‘Sea of Tranquillity’ – sample

Mood: the intimate warmth of naked skin, lit by dozens of candles in silver candelabra

To fill your boudoir with your favourite fragrance:

  • Delicate Flower Duo, hand-crafted, unscented plaster flowers – original RBR collectible

Mood: dreams of new snow so white and pristine it’s almost festive

The complete set is presented in RBR’s Neo-Victorian Petite Present Box.

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