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Perfume of the Week... Indochine by PG

Parfumerie Générale‘s No 25, Indochine, is our perfume of the week, a scent inspired by former French colonies—Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia and an epic and a romantic cruise of the Mekong river in 1920. It offers calmness, a peaceful river and dusk.

“At once sweet, vanilla-scented, resinous, powdery, milky and spicy, Benzoin Siam is a resin of great olfactory richness that is rarely used as a central theme in Perfumery.

Drawing on rare notes such as Kampot Pepper, Burmese Tanakha, or Laos honey, Pierre Guillaume orchestrates a luminous, smooth and airy perfume, delicately reproducing each and every facet of the unprocessed balsam.”

Indochine opens with a honeyed alcoholic kick spiced up by freshly ground pepper and quickly enters Cardamom pastry / dessert territory softened by with a hint of milk. The warmth of soft benzoin resin, like a silky smooth fabric, wraps all of them together and enhanced by the sandalwood feeling of Tanakha wood, projects a comforting and reassuring feel that lasts on the skin with good projection.

It’s one of my favorite perfumes as it is simple yet mysterious, sweet and spicy, soft and yet with an individual character that changes on every wearer.

Have a great week everyone!

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