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#scentedstorage Share your stash!

For some people perfume collecting is a serious business. They hunt down long lost loves, vintage perfumes and bottles and continue to add to their collection literally every single day. The lovely people at The Perfume Society recognized our obsession and thought it'd be a good idea to show the rest of the world how we store our perfumes and share our obsession!

Oh no no no this is not how my collection looks like AT ALL!! This is a staged photo shoot of my precious Aqua Allegorias. What my perfume collection usually looks like is this:

All bottles - many in their boxes - stored away from sunlight and heat inside a plastic storage drawer set that I bought specifically for them. They come out only when I want to wear - review - photograph them and immediately afterwards return back to their spot.

I haven't split them by house or category, I was happy I managed to fit them all in and of course Guerlain perfumes have their own drawer.

Samples, miniatures and testers have their own boxes - I usually keep The Perfume Society's discovery boxes and other subscription boxes I get to safely store them and they too come out when I need to test them.

These are scattered around the house - I try to keep them tidy - and thankfully I have good memory so I can remember where everything is!

I wish I had enough time in my hands to take them out of their boxes - drawer more often and enjoy them like this:

...and a couple of photos from when my collection was featured in The Scented Letter

Sooooo how do you store your perfumes?

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