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Technique Indiscrete... Omnipresence, Delivre Moi & Safron Nobile review

I have been meaning to try the Technique Indiscrete perfume line for some time so when they offered their samples for 1 Euro each on their website I ordered everything that was available.

Libertin Louison, a perfumer and designer born in Belgium founded Technique Indiscrete in 2008 and along with his line of perfumes, he offers scented candles, cosmetics, soaps and teas in his shop in Paris.

The first three perfumes I tried were Omnipresence, Delivre Moi and Safran Nobile.


Notes: apple, pear, pineapple, lily of the valley, white flowers, iris, cashmere wood, cedar, vanilla, musk

The opening is very bright, fruity and intense giving a feeling reminiscent of a rich summer fruit salad, almost edible. The lily of the valley adds just enough sparkle and the white flowers float and surround you sweetening the composition like adding sugar while iris adds just the right amount of powder to soften the scent. It’s a perfume full of energy, and it dries down to a very comforting and long lasting scent thanks to the woods and musc and it remains on the skin for ages like a mark.

Delivre Moi

Notes: anise, eucalyptus, jasmine, geranium, heliotrope, cypress, musk, honey

Sweet and herbal at the same time, it opens very earthy, like dried eucalyptus leaves mixed with the bark of the tree with jasmine whispering in the background. It’s a scent that brings back memories of summer and the honey note in the dry down is quite unconventional, not too sweet, just enough to blend with the musc note and leave a soft trail behind

Safran Nobile

Notes: lemon orange, jasmine, cardamom, anise, saffron, patchouli, benzoin, vanilla

Sparkling saffron is peaking through the juicy lemon, overpowering the spices and jasmine in the background. Patchouli and benzoin give it a smooth cuddly feeling as it evolves and the drydown is milky and comforting like a warm chai tea full of spices. It has a very quirky and surprising opening, very interesting heart and familiar dry down. This fragrance has almost edible properties; it engages all senses, it has texture, bright yellow colour and you can almost taste it.

I am in the process of trying all of the Technique Indiscrete perfumes and what see they have in common is a very familiar signature, usually found in the drydown; they all evoke feelings of calmness, comfort and images, they all tell a story...

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