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Perfume of the week… ÉGLANTIER by Nancy Meiland

There is a place in Denmark called Grenen beach in Skagen, Denmark where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea, but they don’t mix; due to different density the waters flow independently and parallel to each other. Lots of people visit to marvel at yet another natural wonder and this unique scenery and the area’s flora was the inspiration behind Nancy Meiland’s new perfume ÉGLANTIER.

The perpetual collision of waves, tame sometimes, and fierce at others, overlapping at sunset, when the tide is out and the sand stretches away with a warm, coral glow have been bottled and are released every time you spray the precious pink juice.

ÉGLANTIER is a marine-floral perfume. Neroli, crushed ambrette seed, fleur d’oranger, tuberose, jasmine glandiflorum and rosehip swirl together before softening out into cardamom, patchouli, incence, vetiver, sandalwood and vanilla.

It truly is a unique perfume as it reveals a different personality on every wearer, very much like the sea that reveals a different face every time. It opens slightly salty on my skin and I feel like I’m sitting on the beach inhaling refreshing salty air mixed with fresh white orange flowers. Soon tuberose makes an entrance beautifully blended with jasmine and a slightly tangy rosehip that it gives a soft glow and incredible projection. It’s bright and fierce, yet very floral and the intensity remains on the skin for many hours before it settles down ever so slightly thanks to the base notes. Vanilla sweetens the composition and vetiver keeps it fresh and still very floral and bright with patchouli and incense subdued in the background only slightly visible.

Nancy Meiland has truly captured an image and bottled it giving us a unique olfactory experience with this perfume. The best way to describe it with one word is beautiful, far from simple but so masterfully blended that it remains unique to every wearer; I tried it on my husband and the base notes really stood out, the saltiness quickly gave way to a mix of tuberose and patchouli, spicy and intense, smoky and mysterious; I guess the perfume is very much like the two seas in Denmark, you don’t know which side you will end up with unless you try it yourself.

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