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Technique Indiscrete … My Burning Secret, Santa Subita & Eau De Bruxelles review

While continuing to try the Technique Indiscrete perfume line, the three scents that caught my attention are My Burning Secret, Santa Subita &Eau De Bruxelles.

My Burning Secret

Notes: Bergamot, Citron, Notes Fraiches, Géranium Bourbon, Lavender, Tonka, Clove, Pine, Vétiver, Musk.

It opens green and light like a walk in the woods brightened by the sparkling bergamot and softened by powdery lavender. It has an air of freedom and slightly more masculine character but as it dries down it becomes sweet and spicy at the same time thanks to the mix of tonka and clove. As time goes by it mellows even more and becomes one with the skin with lavender making one last appearance and with the help of musk giving a very soft impression of freshly washed clothes.

Santa Subita

Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Tree moss, Vanilla, Musk.

This is exactly how all Orthodox Churches smell, a mix of candles and wax, the incense burning, old wooden seats and citrus based colognes used to sanitise the icons. It’s a mix of scents very particular and due to the images and memories that pop into my head when I sniff it I can’t distinguish all the notes described but I strongly recommend you try it and then visit a church as well. It’s truly an olfactory experience you must try!

Eau de Bruxelles

Notes: Bergamot Calabria, Lemon Sicilia, Peach, Apple, Cinnamon, Black Peper, Leather, Cédar, Patchouli, Vétiver

Beautiful airy and bright, like a drive along summer fields late in the afternoon just as the sun is ready to set. Peaches and apples mingle with the citruses to produce an enticing sparkling yet fruity combination that as time passes becomes spicier thanks to the cinnamon and pepper and the scent transforms like the day turns into night. Leather and patchouli add warmth and depth and settle to a warm cosy but still fruity skin scent that lasts for ages.

I will continue to review the rest of Technique Indiscrete’s perfumes next week but in the meantime I wish you all Happy Easter!

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