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Shanghai Tang White, perfume review

Following my review of the 3 "men's" perfumes from the Shanghai Tang perfume line, I tried the 5 that belong to the "women's" line. Like I mentioned in my previous post they were all included in The Perfume Society's "Sharing Collection" box which included perfumes for both sexes and needless to say I wore them all myself!

The five perfumes in the White range come in transparent bottles discreetly colored and are:

Spring Jasmine

The iconic Jasmine Absolute, a symbol of luxury and delicate femininity, is enhanced by violet accents, creamy sandalwood, and sheer musk.

It’s a creamy jasmine, green, wet and breezy, very beautiful and airy perfect for bright spring says.

Rose Silk

Accents of rose petals and Narcissus Absolute combine with cassis, cardamom, vetiver, and musk to create an exquisite pink silk accord.

Soft, warm and delicate like silk, it reminds me of pink rose bushes blooming in the spring with the musk adding a fluffy cloud of freshness.

Orchid Bloom

The single floral bouquet is accented with rose and enhanced with exhilarating berries against musk and patchouli.

Rich, deep and rose like with added depth thanks to the patchouli it brings to mind images of velvet fabrics and juicy red fruits.

Gold Lily

The precious Lily flower is wrapped with accents of jasmine, orange flower, patchouli and musk, creating a mysterious and sensual composition.

Soft and powdery lily, green and lush, blended with white flowers and laid on a bed of patchouli and musk.

Oriental Pearl

This sensual amber accord is magnified with rose absolute, patchouli heart, benzoin, and vanilla creating an exotically rich and decadent essence.

Rich, dense and dark with a sweet rose dipped in vanilla and wrapped in patchouli, this is the spiciest and most gourmand of all five, i see it move like a dragon breathing fire and leaving its mark along the way.

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