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Elementals by Essence of Chi

A few weeks ago I was sent the Elementals set by Essence of Chi, a series of hand-crafted blends of rare woods, florals, herbs and spices that combines the divine art of Haute Perfumery with the ancient Chinese Theory of the Five Elements.

Each element in Nature has a taste, a shape, an emotion, a color, a season and a physical connection. We are also born with an Element that dictates our lives, our character, our choices in life. Using only the finest essential oils in the highest concentration possible and blended with organic beet root alcohol, Elementals inspire an instant connection on an elemental level that impart an immediate sense of well-being and enhance your own true Essence...

The first element, Water, is the source of life on Earth. It is gentle, yielding and yet powerful.

Top note : Black Pepper, Juniper, Black Currant

Heart : Lavender, Clary Sage, Violet

Base Note: Ambre Gris, Seaweed The scent is reminiscent of an ocean, fluid, ever flowing, intense and with a tingling spiciness thanks to the black pepper. Liquid and elusive it sits on a base of salty herbal and floral notes that bring to mind images of sitting by the ocean with the wind blowing and bringing in scents of the deep sea.

Wood represents spring and the rising Energy of the East.

Top note : Lemon, Grapefruit, Cedar

Heart : Bamboo, Fougère, Cabrueva

Base Note: Sandalwood, Moss, Guaiacum

The scent of a forest in sunshine, a hint of animal fur mixed woods and flora. A calming and mind cleansing perfume. Sparkling citruses bring enough sunshine to the woods to provide the image of a walk amongst deep forests with the sun peeking through the branches before it settles to a lovely soft woody scent that sits close to the skin and provides familiarity and comfort.

Fire is the pinnacle of Yang energy. It is about power and passion. It is sensual and fickle.

Top note : Red Cedar, Cinnamon, Bitter Orange, Ginger

Heart : Rose Otto, Geranium, Red Currant, Neroli

Base Note: Cashmere Wood, Red Pepper, Rose Maroc

Red berries, cinnamon and rose on fire, a fire at its birth when it starts to consume everything, bold and intense, a powerful scent that draws people in as you walk past, captivating and mesmerizing.

Earth is the most complex Elemental Essence as it contains the 'treasures' of the other four Elements.

Top note : Acanthus, Chamomile, Immortelle

Heart : Mimosa, Broom, Ylang Ylang

Base Note: Ambre gris, Guaiac, Olibanum, Silver Birch

A flowerbed after the rain, a mix of flowers, wet earth and grass with a hint of woods. Refreshing and slightly ozonic, it feels like the first days of spring when everything is blooming and rain enhances all the scents that reach your nose urging you to breathe in deeper.

Metal is about power, leadership and introspection.

Top note : Black Pepper, Juniper, Black Currant

Heart : Lavender, Clary Sage, Violet

Base Note: Ambre Gris, Seaweed

A peculiar mix of flowers and spices that leaves a herbal metallic trail on the skin. A scent you can almost taste but remains elusive at the same time like an aura that surrounds you and enhances your inner strength.

All of the scents are unique and beautiful on their own but I have made some combinations that I believe match:

Metal & Fire: Fire remains dominant but Metal adds an extra liquidity and spiciness that enhances both elements in a dance releasing a unique aura

Water & Earth: Greener and more floral, Water when combined with Earth brings out a wet soil facet and it feels like being caught in the rain while hiking in dense woods

Wood & Fire: Spicy, yet more fougere and almost abstract, powerful Fire sets the Wood on a flaming journey and releases a drier interpretation of a deep forest.

Other combinations you can try are Metal & Water, Wood & Metal or use your imagination to you can create your own individual Element.

I really enjoyed wearing them in multiple combinations and although Fire is my favourite as an individual Element the Fire / Metal combo got the most compliments as it seemed to enhance my personal aura.

Let me know if you’ve tried them !

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