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Perfume of the Week… Rosier by Nancy Meiland plus a quick review of Aquilaria & Illumine

Spring is arriving very slowly however the scent of the new rose blooms fills the air. It is the best time of year for roses, as the combination of the rich flower scent gets enhanced by the greenness of the fresh stems and newly developed thorns.

This is exactly the image that ROSIER tries to encapsulate; “a contemporary twist on the rose scent composed of fine Bulgarian rose, pink pepper for the thorns and green galbanum for the leaves”

Notes of Italian bergamot, tangerine and blackcurrant top ROSIER, denoting the moment a water droplet forms on a petal. A contemporary twist on the traditional rose scent, this is a soliflore, in which the whole flower is represented. Pink pepper acts for the thorns, while green galbanum is the leaves. Rose geranium, white pear, jasmine, peony, and violet are delicately strung together for the bud, and the endnotes evoke the image of a broken beaded necklace as the scent spreads beautifully on the skin. It is a landing both soft and reassuring, of buttery mimosa, tobacco, hay, and angelica seeds.

I picture it as a pretty pink rose, soft and velvety with a rich yet delicate scent, a hint of spice tingling your nose and with a sweet, dessert like dry down resembling rose jam. One of the most beautiful rose perfumes I have tried lately!

The initial launch of Nancy Meiland perfumes included 2 more scents, AQUILARIA & ILLUMINÉ

Just as the aroma of wood smoke spikes winter’s air, AQUILARIA injects warmth into that which is cold. The fragrance is a dedication to the East Asian tree of the same name – and most especially to divine oud, its darkly precious protective resin. From its opening of smoldering notes of bergamot singed with black pepper, to the Turkish rose absolute and black Ceylon tea that introduce depth, the scent is smoky and sweet. On through an accord of guaiac wood and a touch of oakmoss, to endnotes of balsam of tolu, labdanum and vanilla, this is a truly beguiling chypre.

I agree with the above description from Nancy’s website, Aquilaria is a dark and spicy chypre with a unique character thanks to Oud that injects it with a special character on top of the smokiness from the Ceylon tea. It’s rich and sweet and leaves a really sensual trail behind.

ILLUMINÉ is a scent that evokes a special light in England – it occurs after a downpour, setting the verdant branches of its trees alight with the vital green of pure, natural chlorophyll. Reminiscent of the earliest shoots of spring, it is worn as a cologne and is a tangle of aromatic herbs and refined citrus notes that both uplift and enliven. Notes of Calabrian bergamot, mandarin absolute, herb of absinthe, and Jamaican ginger are blended with white flowers, rose and jasmine for a lyrical fragrance that is sealed with a woodsy base of musk and vetiver.

Herbal, fresh and spicy, it does what a cologne is supposed to do, refresh, invigorate and “illuminate” thanks to the ingenious blend of citruses with white flowers and ginger that gives just the right amount of heat that subsides in a soft and velvety woody base.

These three perfumes come as scented candles as well!

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