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Perfume of the week... My personal scent by Waft

A couple of years ago Selfridges hosted a unique interactive event; through a series of exercises, choosing photos, colors, moods, etc. you got a verdict and your “Character distilled into a scent”.

I didn’t manage to visit the store but rather followed the online version and once I finished my evaluation I received my scent; it wasn’t bad, just a bit more metallic and sharp than I expected.

Regardless I thoroughly enjoyed the experience so as soon as I heard about Waft and their personalized perfumes I jumped at the opportunity to try them. I went for the sample option which costs £19 and you receive 3 X 5ml vials, one with your main scent, one with a fresher and one with a more daring interpretation.

My choices were: unisex / night / dating / sexy / classic / daring

The ingredients I chose were: fig, chocolate, leather, violet, muguet, green tea, orris, lily, black pepper, encens, cinnamon, sandalwood, amber

The perfumes I received were code named MA55, MA50 & MA39

MA55 was the main one, described as “The New Me”, addictive, captivating & elegant.

It started off as a classic chypre, violet, muguet spiced up with pepper, bound by leather and powdered by orris that gave it that long lasting, elegant feeling.

MA39, the Fresher version, delicious, sensual and irresistible had added the notes of fig and chocolate with a boost of lily and a lot less orris and leather; a softer much more sandalwood drydown gave it a lighter feeling.

MA50 the more Daring version, is surprisingly sunny, beachy & sexy with an extra shot of flowers and sweet drydown, my favorite of all three as it’s smoother and better blended.

I really enjoyed wearing them; I believe it’s an experiment you should definitely make, either for yourself, or as a gift to a loved one. Next time I think I’ll pick a few less notes as I believe it will give me a better result!

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