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Perfume of the Week... You or Someone Like You by ELdO

About 10days ago, as guests of The Perfume Society, we had the opportunity to be present at the UK launch of the new ELdO perfume “You or Someone Like You” at Les Senteurs and had the added pleasure of hearing about the inspiration behind it from the man himself, Etienne De Swardt.

Inspired by the book Chandler Burr wrote a few years back, Etienne liked the name so much that he gave Chandler complete freedom to create a scent that encompassed the book’s heroine and in collaboration with perfumer Caroline Sabas, this mysteriously fresh scent was born.

You or Someone Like You opens very citrusy and fresh with an abundance of mint, but not the one you find in chewing gum, it’s very cleverly combined with other herbs and it has a certain fizziness you usually find in cocktails. After a little while I can smell violets and roses mingled with a fruity green banana like vibe and a bit of humidity, like the flowers and the earth have been lightly touched by soft rain. The perfume lingers on the skin for hours as a soft herbal rosy scent slightly sweet and musky.

Minty, herbal, rosy sweet and elusive like a Californian sunset, quite unique like all of ELdO perfumes!

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