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Our Modern Lives by 4160 Tuesdays

Our Modern Lives is a new project by 4160 Tuesdays and perfumer Sarah McCartney that focuses on the challenges we all face on a daily basis living in a stressful and busy environment, leading demanding lives and the necessity to slow down occasionally so we can actually keep our sanity. Sarah has been teaching yoga for many years and about 5 years ago she created 5 perfumes to scent the space and set the mood / clear the mind and help everyone relax during the sessions. This project has evolved into the Modern Lives perfumes, two synthetics and seven naturals that can be worn separately or combined to create a scent of your own if you feel a bit creative.

The Synthetics

OML α – is a rich woody ambery fragrance that takes you to the woods and helps you relax.

OML β –soft, smooth and very long lasting. Slightly citrusy at the beginning it evolves into a breeze of cool and pure air that helps you clear your mind from negative thoughts.

The Naturals: seven shades, moods and atmospheres.

These are color coded to reflect a time during the day.

Yellow – Sunrise – Hope: A sense of vitality

Sunshine in a bottle. A breeze of fresh citruses, invigorating and sweet, mixed with coffee and cardamom in the background for a perfect wake up call.

Aquamarine – Waves/WiFi – Clarity: A sense of connection.

A beautiful marine scent rich in seaweed tangled up in jasmine and lavender and a sparkling citrus that almost reflects light on the seawater.

Green – Leaf – New: A sense of revival.

Fresh and green like the earth giving life to vegetation in spring. Slightly smoky and earthy at the beginning it gives way to a very green scent, quite refreshing that even has spinach absolute in the ingredients!

Orange – Sunset – Peace: A sense of serenity

Probably my favourite, it’s sweet and calming like a sunset. Beautiful neroli is blended with vanilla and cocoa for sweetness, while there is a fruity peach note together with the oranges and a gorgeous geranium – sandalwood dry down.

Red – Harvest – Gratitude: A sense of security

Roses, raspberry and hay are mixed with hazelnuts, labdanum and wine that bring me a sense of fulfilment when I put this scent on.

Blue Screen/Blue Horizon – Perspective: A sense of balance.

My second favourite, frankincense, lavender, vetivert, eucalyptus, mint, patchouli and hyacinth masterfully blended to give us that elusive sense of balance in our lives.

Indigo – Into the Night: A sense of the infinite.

The scent of night and silence, when everything seems to be still and you can hear your own thoughts. Cognac, black tea, osmanthus, cedarwood, jasmine sambac, labdanum and rum create a dense protective cloak that blocks all noise and gives that sense of infinite.

This project was crowdfunded through Indiegogo and if you want to get your hands on samples or bigger bottles you can follow this link

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