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Andy Tauer Attar "AT"

At the end of April, if you remember, Andy Tauer came to Les Senteurs in London to present his exclusive - only available at appearance - line of 3 scents. You can read about it here

Around that time he released on the website his magazine and a lucky few had the opportunity to receive it in the post together with an unreleased 1ml attar of oud scent.

Named simply AT, this was created as a trial and was immediately snapped up from his website where a limited amount became available. When I received mine I was thrilled and have been wearing it with great joy and carefully because I only have a tiny bit left.

I usually don't like oud perfumes very much, I find most of them to be either too strong or medicinal, but Andy's is a beautiful one. It's combined with the lushest red rose and and a hint of saffron and other spices that brings out the floral, vanillic side of the oud that I love.

I will now happily join all of Andy Tauer's fans that ask for an oud perfume and truly hope it becomes a permanent addition to the line.

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