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Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria by Guerlain

Bergamote Calabria is this year's addition to the Aqua Allegoria line, one of Guerlain's most emblematic fragrance collections. Their launch in 1999 created a unique olfactory genre: the first collection of eau fraîche in perfumery.

Every year Thierry Wasser takes inspiration from nature and a beloved ingredient and his year, in collaboration with Delphine Jelk, they chose the glorious Calabrian bergamot and bottled it's vibrant and sunny essence.

Top notes are calabrian bergamot and petitgrain; middle notes are cardamom and ginger; base notes are woody notes and white musk.

It opens bright, joyous and sunny, a slightly crisp bitter bergamot with incredible intensity and freshness, spiced up by cardamom and ginger and rounded up by soft and subtle musks and woods.

A beautiful creation, ode to spring, simple yet sophisticated.

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