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& Other Stories Body Mists

Scandinavian fashion house & Other Stories was launched in 2013 and their cosmetics line was an immediate success. One of the first products launched was an Eau De Toilette called Rose Revival, created by Ben Gorham of Byredo, a sweet ethereal rose that received great reviews.

Since then they have launched a lot more scents that also come in other forms; creams, shower gels, scrubs and my favourite body mists that are perfect for summer. All & Other Stories fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Jerome Epinette and Ben Gorham.

The ones I’ve been using this summer are:

Arabesque Wood

Top notes are lemon, ginger and watery notes; middle notes are petitgrain and tangerine; base notes are amber, oakmoss and agarwood (oud).

Refreshing lemony ginger opening that remains very fresh with the help of tangerine and petitgrain. The chypre drydown appears much later and is quite soft and feather like.

Havana Blues

The notes are lemon, pomegranate, tobacco leaf, fig, jasmine and patchouli.

A virtual trip to Havana, bright and flowery like driving through open fields in a convertible before it dries down to a warm boozy tobacco scent like a warm summer night out at an outdoors bar in Havana


Top note is rhubarb; middle notes are jasmine and mimosa; base note is woody notes.

Fruity rhubarb, slightly tart sweetened by bright mimosa and heady jasmine, floats beautifully like a soft breeze that cools you in the afternoon after a hot day spent under the Mediterranean sun.

Fleur de Mimosa

Top notes are bergamot, black currant and almond; middle notes are jasmine, mimosa, heliotrope and nutmeg; base notes are cedar and amber.

Sweet mimosa goodness! If you love the scent of the yellow fluffy flower this is a beautiful interpretation of it, blended with a hint of sweet almonds and jasmine, lingering on the skin like a yellow silk scarf before it dries down to a soft woody scent.

Moroccan Tea

Top notes are cardamom, mint and lemon; middle notes are orange blossom, mate and almond; base notes are cedar, sandalwood, musk and brown sugar.

Peppermint freshness gives way to orange blossom and sweet almonds and dries down to a soft sweet musky scent that still keeps a fresh minty tone.

Miami Muse

The notes are pink pepper, cotton candy, musk.

Very soft, sweet and fluffy flowery musk scent that satisfies your sweet tooth and lets you float in a pink cloud!

Sardonyx Fire

The notes are tangerine, rose, jasmine, amber, vanilla and sandalwood.

Beautiful lush rose scent with great longevity and a sweet creamy drydown with a hint of booze. It reminds me of the scent of dark red roses in the afternoon after a long hot sunny day.

All of them have a remarkable lasting power for body mists and keep you refreshed and uniquely scented!

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