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Pretty Smooth skincare review

QPC UK kindly sent me some products from their brand Pretty Smooth to try and I must say I was quite impressed with the results!!

The package included 2 types of sheet masks, 2 types of nose pore strips, 2 types of gel eye patches from the Pretty Smooth line and Revuele Hyaluron Micellar Water which was the first product I put to the test as I love Micellar waters and use them daily to take off my makeup. The scent is light and soothing and it leaves my skin clean, hydrated and ready to receive my treatments.

Cleansing & Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

I remember using nose strips years ago before they became a big trend again recently and I’m glad I got those because even though I’m a thorough user of scrubs there are just some places event the best exfoliator can’t get to. Both work great with the Deep Cleansing one being a bit more effective. They don’t hurt at all when you remove them and you are left with the cleanest nose!

Brightening Sheet Mask with Rose oil and Pomegranate seed extract does exactly what is says, brightens the skin and makes it firmer, hydrated and with a more even tone.

Wrinkle Care Sheet Mask has an abundance of Vitamin E and my skin was extremely soft and smooth after I used it. My fine lines were evidently smoother and I am planning to use both long term as the hydrating and firming results were evident on my skin for days after I used them!

Soothe Puffy Tired Eyes are gel patches with cucumber extract designed to help decongest the under eye area. I’ve used them after long work days in front of the pc screen and they really helped me get a much needed rested look.

Target Dark Circles gel patches contain chamomile and ginseng extract that helps battle dark circles and de-puff the under eye area. I don’t suffer from dark circles but when I used them my skin was more hydrated, brighter and even.

My favourite regime is to use a nose strip for extra cleansing after I’ve used Revuele micellar water and at the same time put on a couple of gel patches. After a few minutes I remove them and wear a sheet mask while listening to relaxing music and after 15 minutes my skin looks a whole better and the results are lasting!

Quest Personal Care Global Products are free from Animal Cruelty and you can buy them online on eBay & Amazon

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