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Agonist Solaris & White Lies review

Continuing my review on the Agonist perfumes, I take a look today on Solaris & White Lies as I found them both to be great for summer and plan to take the samples I own with me on my holidays.

Solaris was launched in 2014 and is inspired by the never ending sunsets of the Nordic summers.

Like the sun that remains bright, warm and magically hazy throughout the day and night, Solaris envelops you with a citrusy cloud, and immediately transfers you to a sunny beach!

Top notes: Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Green Mandarin, Black Currant, Petitgrain, Blackpepper

Middle notes: Ozonic Accord, Vigna Peach, Ginger Roots, Litseacubeba, Galbanum

Base notes: Tonkabean Abs, Benzoin, Cistus Abs, Patchouli, Woody Amber

It opens fresh and bright with citruses, petitgrain and the added spicy touch of hot black pepper before it transfers me to the beach when the ozonic salty accord makes its appearance and for a while all I can detect on my skin is a salty lemon / peach cocktail like scent that is smooth and comforting. The base notes add the warmth that a beautiful sunset brings after a long hot day spent at the beach!

White Lies is a sensual and seductive scent which is quite perfect for summer. “Like a white lie it entices you yet holds a promise of a deeper truth”

Top notes: lemon, raspberry and litchi

Middle notes are jasmine, tuberose and heliotrope

Base notes are patchouli and vanilla

It opens sweet and enticing with juicy lychee and tart raspberry all wrapped up with bright sweet lemon and very soon intoxicating yet bright tuberose takes over the composition and leads to a fully bloomed seductive floral with the aid of jasmine, heliotrope and sweet vanilla. It lingers on the skin for hours and hours and stays sweet and warm releasing wafts of seductive fragrance as you move. Perfectly paired with a long white summer dress!

Have you packed your summer scents for your holidays?

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