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4160 Tuesdays… Killer Rose

Coming back from my holidays and the scorching temperatures of Greek summer, I craved for scents that matched the cooler weather and what more British to choose than a rose scent?

However I didn’t settle for a simple, pretty rose; no I went for Killer Rose, 4160 Tuesdays’ amped up version of their original rose perfume, Raw Silk & Red Roses.

It’s a sweet, honeyed, jammy rose with a rich woody base that is soft and enveloping. Sweet and plumy opening gives way to a full bloom rose with a velvety feel and the drydown remains rosy and sweet with an aromatic patchouli – woody base that lasts on my skin all day; perfect for the cool autumn days ahead!

Killer Rose was a limited edition but you can still get your hands on some here

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