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Les Indémodables

Just before my summer holidays, at the end of July, I had the opportunity to go to Les Senteurs for the presentation of a new brand they carry now called Les Indémodables.

Les Indémodables – ‘the timeless’ - fragrances are created from start to finish in Annecy, France by Valérie Pulvérail who has a 20 year long experience in the perfume industry and as a boutique owner. With the help of her partner Remi who is the founder of L’Atelier Français des Matières, a fragrance company with a holistic approach to product creation, she has created 5 perfumes of excellent quality built around the great olfactive families, plus the newest addition, an ode to powdery orris called Iris Perle.

When Valerie created her space in Annecy called Le Bistro de la Beauté she wanted to create an elegant and friendly space designed around three areas: luxury perfumes, skin care, and makeup. Her loyal customers kept asking her to start her own perfume line and eventually Les Indémodables was born.

Both Valérie and Remi are very clear when I comes to transparency; of the materials used and their quality, the concentrations, the origin of the raw materials and how they were produced, the sustainability and even the maceration and maturing period required for the finished product. Even the bottles and packaging are being manufactured by a local company and are truly beautiful.

Once you tried them on your skin you can feel that they are different; a labour of love, perfumes rich, full, and extremely well thought of. Because of the high quality of the materials used and their limited available quantities, the production is quite small so the perfumes are available only in a few places that act as their temporary homes until a perfume lover adopts them.



The essential piece in the every-day wardrobe: an extra-fresh trail, citrusy and long-lasting, that will accompany you throughout the day like a second skin

Sicilian Tarocco Orange oil 10%,

Indonesian (Aceh Province) Patchouli oil Grand Cru 5%,

Amber infusion 2%,

Egyptian Centrifolia Rose absolute Grand Cru 1%

Contains Tarragon oil from the Alps

A very bright and fruity chypre. On my skin ripe juicy oranges get squeezed into fresh orange juice, sparkling and playful with rose in the heart. The patchouli and amber infusion add warmth and depth but I can still get juicy wafts of oranges after many hours.



A 21st-century fougère that displays the sophistication of tailor-made pieces designed by Haute Couture’s best designers

Indian Tuberose alcoolat 15% ,

French (Saint Cristol area) fine Lavender Grand Cru 3%,

Moroccan Mimosa flowers absolute Grand Cru 1%,

Venezuelan Tonka beans absolute 3%

Contains Clary Sage oil from the Alps

You have to try this to see how beautiful it is yourselves! Delicate, fluffy mimosa is gently combined with airy tuberose that somehow floats in the air and aromatic lavender gives the fougere character to the fragrance while tonka adds a dash of sweetness and clary sage a slight herbal drydown.

It’s my absolute favourite of the line!



A fresh, elegant and surprising trail paying homage to suede and leather. A sporty chic outfit for unexpected getaways

Chinese Osmanthus alcoolat Grand Cru 10%,

Egyptian late-crop Jasmine absolute Grand Cru 1%,

Chinese Osmanthus absolute 1%,

Turkish Mild Tobacco absolute 0.2%

Contains Clary Sage oil from the Alps

A surprisingly smoky, yet flowery leather scent; soft and supple like suede, blended with fine tobacco, rich and very like the aromatic tobacco leaves used for cigars and a subtle breeze of beautiful jasmine and bright osmanthus for balance. Again the herbal signature of clary sage is lightly present.



A bewitching sensual fragrance for lovers of rare, high-quality fabrics

Indian Jasmine alcoolat Grand Cru 5%,

Madagascar Green Vanilla oleoresin Grand Cru 2.5%,

Somalian Myrrh oil 15%,

Haitian special Vetiver oil Grand Cru 10%

contains Épicéa oil from the Alps

This fragrance truly resembles velvet when you try it on. It’s soft and luxurious, with a relaxed and mysterious feel to it. Rich ingredients combined in a bewitching scent full of vanilla, myrrh, vetiver, spruce and jasmine make a perfume just perfect for seduction.



A pearl in the world of perfumery, it takes seven years for orris to deliver its precious oil…from the time it is planted until the extract is produced.

Orris absolute France grand cru 0,3%

Mimosa absolute Morocco 0,25%

Jasmine absolute India 0,7%

Ylang Ylang oil VOP Madagascar :0,7%

Contains Clary Sage from the Alps.

A shiny and sparkling oris scent, it captivates you immediately. I love orris based perfumes as the powdery and buttery feel they give to perfumes is unique. Here, in this scent the brilliant combination with mimosa and jasmine, elevate it and give it a sparkle that lasts throughout the development of the scent. Ylang and clary sage add an extra layer and the scent lingers on the skin for many hours.

This is actually the case for all the perfumes of the line; they last many hours on the skin and keep a large part of their character intact throughout!

If you want to give them a try they are available exclusively at Les Senteurs.

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