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Daniel Josier at Fenwick Brent Cross

What I love about all Fenwick stores is that very frequently they host "Meet our Experts" events where all shoppers have the opportunity to meet with people from the brands, get special treatments, perks and learn more about the inspiration behind the products.

Fenwick Brent Cross is hosting an event now that will last until Sunday the 17th of September and Daniel Josier perfumes was invited to take part. I attended on Tuesday as the "Expert", representing them and giving the opportunity to fragrance shoppers to find out more about the perfumes, the inspiration and history of the brand. I am happy to say that they are doing exceptionally well and everyone really enjoyed trying out the fragrances!

Fenwick Brent Cross carry 6 fragrances from the line: Veriver, Mystery Oud, Green Leather, Tuberose, Bois D' Iris & Ambre Tabac.

The event will run until Sunday the 17th, but the fragrances are available as part of the niche lines Fenwick Brent Cross has, so if you are in the area I highly suggest you pop by the niche fragrance counter and try them out yourselves!

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