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Firedance Eau de Parfum

Ruth Mastenbroek introduced a new packaging look recently for her fragrances inspired by the drop; the precious perfume drop that can awaken emotions and change our moods.

Also a 4th fragrance named Firedance was added to the line, a rich rose centered scent which we had the opportunity to try last week at yet another excellently organised event by The Perfume Society at Fenwick Bond Street.

I am a big fan of Ruth's work, you can read my review on Oxford here, so this new fragrance was eagerly anticipated.

After an extremely interesting Q & A covering Ruth's career and inspiration we got a chance to try the fragrance and some of the individual notes used.

Firedance is "A story of celebration rejoicing in each moment of contentment in life" , with notes of apple, lemon, Damask rose, leather, cashmere, oudh and patchouli.

When first sprayed on the skin, you can feel the heat rising and an aromatic blend of apples and spicy rose projects with fiery strength. This fragrance is not for the fainthearted, it's full, rich and the rose wrapped in leather is heavy, earthy and carnal with monster projection and very long lasting. It almost penetrates the skin, mixes with your own scent and everyone that tried it on that night had a different expression on their skin.

When it dries down it sweetens and cools a bit, like rain has fallen on the fire and although it's now extinguished , a few sparks still fly and light up the rose, softer, sweeter and close to the skin like a well kept secret.

It truly is a very original fragrance, intimate and sexy perfect for both men and women.

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