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Embryolisse skincare

French skincare products are getting a lot of attention lately, especially the drugstore brands that French women use daily to achieve their perfect looking skin.

One of the brands I know and use for years is Embryolisse and especially their Lait-Crème Concentré, a rich creamy lotion that make-up artists rave about for years as it can be used as a primer, moisturizer and make-up remover.

I use it every morning as a moisturiser/ primer when I don’t have enough time to get ready and my skin remains soft, plump and hydrated throughout the day. Dermatologists trust it as it’s a combination of ingredients of natural origin, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. It provides the skin with all the nutrients and water needed for its balance, and accelerates cell renewal. It has sold millions and if you want to get to know the brand this is the best place to start!

Lotion Micellar is another product I use from Embryolisse as I am a huge fan of micellar waters and this one is very gentle. It’s suitable for sensitive skin and eyes as it contains micelles (gentle cleansing agents) in solution in cornflower, camomile and witch-hazel water, combined with glycerin to soften, soothe and tone the skin. It removes easily and quickly all my make-up without any irritation and its fragrance is the most beautiful floral scent.

I also use the Anti Age Firming Cream to help me battle the signs of ageing and the fine wrinkles that have started appearing on my face. It contains dermatological active ingredients (collagen and hyaluronic acid) that reinforce the skin's support structure, natural plant extracts that increase cell cohesion, and vitamins that combat free radicals, combined in a nourishing, non-greasy base. It’s the final step of my evening skincare routine and since I started using it my skin feels firmer and the contour more defined.

What I’ve noticed while using French products is that their approach is more holistic; the texture and feel of the products is a joy to use and they are fragranced with the most delicious floral scents. After you have used them you always feel refreshed and nourished and they almost have a calming effect on you.

No wonder why everyone that has tried them loves them!

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