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Mona Di Orio Suède de Suède and Dõjima

The Mona Di Orio Monogram collection continues to grow and after Myrrh Casati and Bohea Boheme two new fragrances were added in 2017. Led by Jeroen Oude Sogtoen, in collaboration with in-house perfumer Fredrik Dalman Suède de Suède and Dõjima were born, true to the same signature spirit of Maison Mona Di Orio.

Suède de Suède is inspired by the childhood memories and adventures of perfumer Fredrik Dalman. A combination of long days of skiing, time spent in a lodge in the north of Sweden,

minus 25 outside, a crackling fire place, his mother's waffles with cloud berry jam, hiding under a reindeer fur to keep warm, created a memory of content and cosines that is now being recreated through fragrance.

Notes: Cloudberry, Sichuan pepper, suède accord, cedarwood, osmanthus, strawberry leaf, castoreum, patchouli and precious musks.

An airy and comforting scent, caressing the skin like smooth buttersoft suede leather, it starts with a hint of spicy freshness and a breath of osmanthus mingled with soft leather and a dash of sweet fruitiness. Later on sweet patchouli enriches the scent and precious woods create the olfactive impression of a cold night spent snuggled by a crackling fire. Finally the scent dries down to a soft skin hugging suede scent amplified by the softness of precious musks.

Dōjima The name derives from the Dōjima Rice Exchange founded by Samurai in 1697 in Osaka, Japan.

Dõjima came to be through Fredrik Dalman's obsession of creating the true olfactory texture of powder. While cooking rice he realised that the scent of rice really captures this volume he had been trying to find for so long.

Notes: Rice Accord, nutmeg absolue, ambrette, jasmin, orris, clary sage absolute, labdanum CO2, sandalwood and precious musks.

Dõjima packs a combination of airiness and heat that gets released the second the fragrance touches the skin. Like opening a hot pot full of freshly cooked rice, the fragrant steam envelops you and a cloud of powdery notes combined with jasmine and orris shines through. The softness of powder lingers on the skin throughout the day as precious creamy musks and soft amber provide the perfect drydown.

Both perfumes are beautiful and a perfect addition to the line, however I like Dõjima a bit more as orris is one of my favourite notes in perfumery as it provides a sense of comfort and familiarity.

I'm really looking forward to more additions to the line!

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