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Ecover - fabulously scented clothes

Thirty Plus hosted an event a couple of weeks ago to introduce us to the new improved fragrances of Ecover's products plus we got a chance to get fashion advice from celeb stylist Alex Longmore!

Ecover makes a variety of products using clever science, from laundry liquid and washing up liquid through to power cleaners and shower cream. Using plant-based power to take out the most determined dirt, their naturally derived ingredients leave nothing but a clean and wonderfully scented home.

As fragrance is very important to me, my home and clothes have to smell beautifully too. I have tried many different washing up liquids and most of them either smell very artificial or are too overpowering. When I tried Ecover's range I found them delightful, with a delicate scent, distinct and long lasting without tiring my nose or interfering with my perfume.

Cassie Browning, Ecover's fragrance developer was there as well and we had a chance to smell the individual notes found in the products and play a very interesting game of guessing the right ones! Not what I would expect at a laundry detergent launch! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Ecover are pioneers in producing eco-friendly and sustainable products for every day use.

The new fragrances include:

Lavender & Sandalwood, delicate,yet warm and rich with a hint of balsamic sweetness.

Gardenia & Vanilla, intoxicating yet cozy and comforting

Apple Blossom & Freesia, a familiar scent, light, fresh and fruity

Honeysuckle & Jasmin, heady honeyed fruits mingle with sweet, green jasmin

Apple Blossom & Almond, sweet and creamy with a light apple fruitiness.

Rose & Bergamot, an evocative fragrance, a beautiful woody rose with lemony freshness.

Celebrity fashion stylist Alex Longmore was there as well to offer new mums and busy women in general styling tips and help them solve fashion dilemmas, as well as discuss key trends for the coming seasons so we can look and feel our best at all times.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening spent in great company!

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