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Jus D' Amour by Mercedes

Jus D' Amour is a perfume by Mercedes, an artist who inspired by her time as a musician, creative performer and a sports agent, wanted to capture that passion and energy in her scents.

Jus D' Amour or Juice of Love is more of a love potion. With notes of Fresh Coco Palm and Aqualeaf Accord, Gentle Violet and Night Blooming Jasmine, Rich Tahitian Vanilla and Deep Sandalwood, it's a scent that captivates the people around you.

It starts off green, sweet and naughty with a mysterious feel as the top notes warm up on your skin, while the fresh violets and seductive jasmine in the heart provide a very interesting juxtaposition between naughty and nice. The warm comforting woods and the sweet vanilla at the base, complete the fragrance and envelop you with the most relaxing and serene scent cloud that lingers on.

It's a very sophisticated take on vanilla, enriched with a combination of both dark and light notes that work perfectly together to provide a feeling of comfort and warmth. The sweetness of the vanilla is toned down by the other notes still remaining very cuddly and soft calling all the people around you to come a bit closer and take another whiff.

Mercedes kindly sent me the oil version to try which is extremely easy to carry around with you and sits beautifully on the skin. The fragrance is also available in an Eau de Parfum spray, candle and what must be the most delicious bath bombs - I'm dying to try these!

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