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Jovoy Paris boutique opening in Mayfair

Jovoy has landed in Mayfair and now all Londoners can finally get a taste of Parisian chic in a beautifully decorated space that reflects the brand's design style. Deep red painted walls and black lacquered wooden furniture work in perfection to showcase the beautiful fragrances.

A very elegant and thoughtfully curated collection of Niche brands * (see full list at the end of the post) is available to sniff and purchase along with a special feature, a glass-panelled display room for exceptional bottles and rare scents at the basement.

On the opening evening the star of the display was the biggest piece of Ambergris that I have ever seen found on a coast of Northern Ireland by the most beautiful Labrador puppy named Dash who was present at the opening. This massive Ambergris was broken into pieces at the end of the evening and will be made into a fragrance by Coronation Ambre Gris that will be exclusively available at Jovoy when ready in a few months.

In the basement you will also have the opportunity to try and get samples from a selection of perfumes that are available from a repurposed wine dispenser. This is the coolest toy for perfume lovers and I for one tried most of them and must say the selection was incredible.

I had the opportunity to try new scents that I hadn’t seen in other boutiques in London like Affinessence, Parfumeurs du Monde & Rania J, try very beloved brands like Neela Vermeire, Jacques Fath, Volnay & Evody and the boutique’s own brands Jovoy and Jeroboam.

The evening was spent having very interesting conversations with perfumers, bloggers, perfume lovers, the very helpful and knowledgeable staff of Jovoy and Sarah Colton, the author of Bad Girls Perfume was also there and she very kindly signed my book.

Jovoy is a new and very exciting addition to the London perfume scene and I think it will very soon become the go to place for new and exciting perfume launches!

Where to Find Jovoy

Jovoy Parfums Rare 21 Conduit Street London

*Brands available at the boutique

Aedes de Venustas - Alexander J - Arty Fragrance - Atelier Flou - Beaufort London - Begim - Berry - Berdoues - Chabaud - Coronation Ambre Gris - Dauphine - Eight & Bob - E.Coudray - Evody - Eternal Gentleman - Franck Muller Perfume - Isabey - Jacques Fath - Jeroboam - Jovoy - Fragance du Bois - Grossmith London - Indult - Institut très Bien - Jul et Mad - La Parfumerie Moderne - M.Miccalef - Maison d'Hauteville - Masque Milano - MDCI - Nejma - Neela Vermeire Créations - Olfactive Studio - Parfumeurs du Monde - Profumum Roma - Prudence - Puredistance - Rania J - The Different Company - The House of Oud - Volnay - Welton London – Widian

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