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NIDOR – Scottish Luxury Fragrances

NIDOR is a new luxury fragrance brand from Scotland. The founder, Jordan Thomson, created NIDOR (which means smell in Latin) about 5 years ago with the intention to create original fragrances where quality and innovation are key. The simplicity and timeless design of the bottles and packaging, brings the focus back to the fragrances.

NIDOR’s line includes 4 Extrait Parfums, Eastern Oud, Mayfair, Gardenia Blanc & Fleur de Violet, produced by hand in micro batches at their fragrance lab in Scotland.

Eastern Oud’s notes are: Woody notes, Spice notes, Oud, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Saffron, Orris and Benzoin.

It’s a highly aromatic woody / oud fragrance with a spicy kick thanks to saffron, while orris and vetiver add the necessary powdery - smoky - velvety depth where the woods rest upon. If you like oud scents you will enjoy this spicy / powdery twist of this modern classic note.

Mayfair is inspired by the gentlemen of Mayfair in London. Lemon, Neroli, Grapefruit, Leather & Sandalwood are the notes used to express the unique character of the area’s men.

Initially it gives you a masculine feel, however after a couple of tries I got an intense neroli / leather combo which is very aromatic and addictive and the creamy sandalwood at the base brings the whole composition to a soft calm skinscent level that envelops you like an expensive coat.

Gardenia Blanc perfectly captures all the facets of this precious flower. Gardenia, Jasmine and Amber are mingled with fresh Bergamot, Lime, and delectable Orchid.

This one is an ambery soft floral, very balanced. Soft and creamy gardenia petals release their potent scent mixed with sparkling citruses on top and jasmine in the heart and after a while a softer side appears that is very smoky and deep with a woody feel.

Fleur de Violet is inspired by the Violet Flower. Floral notes, Orris, Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber, Labdanum and Oakmoss are the notes of the fragrance.

Dark smoky and beautifully made, my favourite of all four, a sparkling blend inspired by the violet flowers. A scent that takes you from day to night; from light to darkness with changing moods and colours, it starts off very bright and floral, beautiful violets green and fresh bring in the morning light and as orris comes in it covers them in fluffy powder and transfers the scent towards a different time of the day, early afternoon, when everything moves slower and you can see the sun set in the horizon. Very slowly the scent evolves to a mysterious powdery violet blend with orris dipped in hefty doses of labdanum and oakmoss bringing the scent into the evening and grounding it. A must try if you love chypres.

NIDOR fragrances and sample sets are available at the brand's website

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