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The House of Oud – Wonderly

Have you ever seen snow in the desert? The rare phenomenon that occurred in January 2017 at the Sahara desert inspired The House of Oud to capture this moment in a bottle. The fragrance was named Wonderly and it combines the coolness of the snow with the heat of the desert through a beautiful combination of fragrance notes.

The notes are:

Top: Goji berry, apricot

Heart: Neroli, Jasmine Sambac, almond Blossom

Base: Virginia Cedar, Italian Iris, Myrrh, Madagascar Vanilla, Sandalwood, Incense, Musk

It starts off very joyfully and playfully with juicy apricot notes and a hint of tartness brought by the Goji berry while soft white flowers evoke the feeling of white snow slowly falling from the sky. The apricot is icy like ice cream with a candy floss fluffiness and not at all sweet.

The almond blossom is very delicate and it brings back images of the fluffy white petals falling on the ground like snow - in Greece we have a bit of an obsession with them as they symbolize the coming of spring.

The powdery notes of iris provide an elegant transition to the warmer elements that resemble the desert, myrrh adds the heat, incense the smokiness, sandalwood the smoothness and vanilla rounds it up with delicate sweetness.

It’s a beautifully made perfume with multiple dimensions that creates the colorful yet contradicting image of snow in the desert.

You can try Wonderly at Jovoy in Mayfair and it’s also one of the fragrances currently available at the perfume dispenser!

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