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Parterre Fragrances - a New Concept in Perfumery

There is a lot of talk lately about sustainability in the fragrance industry and this new “trend” has seen a lot of companies keep track of their ingredients throughout all the stages of their production until the end distillation product to ensure that exactly what they want for their fragrances reaches their perfume labs and also the continuation of the quality of their resources remains.

Julia and David Bridger, the founders of Keyneston Mill, took it a step further; in their 50-acre estate situated on the River Stour in Dorset, the largest botanical garden dedicated to aromatic and scented plants in the country, they planted seeds, and when they distilled the harvest, they imagined it in a bottle as a fragrance.

In these art inspired gardens where unusual and exotic species are grown cultivated by the skilled botanical team, Parterre was born.

Parterre reinvents perfumery by taking it back to its roots. A striking concept that results in genuinely rare, limited edition fragrances with a distinctive intensity. Niche, sensual and highly contemporary, originating from a unique, aromatic estate where the key ingredients are grown.

I was invited to the presentation of the three limited edition Parterre fragrances last week and we were taken on a journey from seed to perfume and everything in between. Everyone working at the estate, the gardeners looking after the gardens, the chemists distilling the production and making sure that all oils are of the highest quality and the perfumer, Jacques Chabert, contribute to outstanding, beautifully crafted fragrances.

As the production of many ingredients is limited, all Parterre perfume editions are numbered according to the quantity produced that depends on the amount of oils produced.

The 3 perfumes are:

Run of the River

Fresh. Citrus. Vibrant

Inspired by the refreshing and vibrant river that runs through the watermill of Keyneston.

Top Notes: Bergamot Mint, Violet Leaf, Elemi

Heart Notes: Orange Flower, Lemon Thyme, Juniper

Base Notes: Incense, Oak Moss, Mate

A soft and aromatic citrus scent that brings wafts of refreshing sunny energy and vibrancy once you spray it. The sparkling citruses mingle with aromatic herbs that evoke an aquatic feeling while the base notes add lasting power and a soft subtle musky drydown.

Root of all Goodness

Aromatic. Warm. Leather

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Ginger

Heart Notes: Ciste Labdanum, Clary Sage, Hyssop

Base Notes: Vetiver, Leather, Amber

An exquisite aromatic leathery fragrance with a spicy heart and a beautiful smoky drydown thanks to the English grown vetiver, one of Parterre’s successful experiments.

I love vetiver and this one is my favourite as it has a signature and character of its own.

A Tribute to Edith

Beautiful. Rich. Rose

Top Notes: Geranium Whiskey Rhubarb

Heart Notes: Rose, Yarrow, Davana

Base Notes: Patchouli , Sandalwood, Benzoin

I am really glad that roses are making a comeback in fragrance. This one is a rich smoky, boozy rose , deep, dark and intoxicating. A true tribute to Edith Piaf ’s La Vie en Rose, the perfume takes us back to Paris in the jazz era.

All three fragrances are available exclusively at Fortnum & Mason and I strongly recommend you visit the store to try them. Their quality is excellent and they are truly unique in concept and creation.

Additionally you can also visit the home of Parterre fragrances, Keynestone Mill, where you will have the opportunity to wander in the gardens, buy freshly grown flowers, attend aromatically themed courses, eat and drink at the restaurant, view exhibitions at the gallery and a bit later on in 2018 complete your experience with a stay at the cottages.

An amazing new fragrant concept that will hopefully drive perfumery a step forward!

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