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Svensk Parfym - 6 Fragrances made in Sweden

Henrik Lestreus is the perfumer behind the new Swedish perfume brand Svensk Parfym.

He introduced the first trio of perfumes a few months ago and very recently a second trio of perfumes followed. All of them are celebrating Sweden‘s multidimensional landscape, nature, people, history, the present and the future in a unique olfactory way.

The first trio includes Prakt, Stilla and Virke

Prakt is the Swedish word for magnificence and was created with inspiration from the uniqueness of Swedish countryside gardens and the amazing fragrances that awaken when the sun re-emerges after an intense summer rain.

A fresh and tart airy fragrance. Fruits, aromatic herbs, woods and musk come together to celebrate the open Swedish spaces and flora. Very uplifting and joyful it features accords of blackcurrant leaves and berries, gooseberries, rhubarb, apples and apple trees, wet soil and rain.

Stilla is the Swedish word for still or calm. This fragrance is an interpretation of stillness, magnifying the fragrances lingering in the air on a clear cold morning.

Another beautiful fragrance, it features beautiful white lavender perfectly blended with eucalyptus, comfortably resting amongst complex woody and musky accords. Airy, aromatic and spicy at the same time it gives the impression of the time stopping long enough so you can take a deep breath and exhale releasing the tension.

Virke is the Swedish word for timber. A fragrance that is built around dry woody accords with a healthy dose of musk and the most surprising and juicy raspberry top note. Simple, yet extremely playful and pleasurable.

The second trio of perfumes includes En, Sadel and Skymming

En is a tribute to the Swedish juniper that is very precious to Sweden, being widely used from fine carpentry, artisanal handicraft to brewery, distillery and gastronomy.

Fragrance notes and accords to be found in En are pinewood, juniper berries, juniper wood, black pepper, tobacco and oak moss. Woody and aromatic, this fragrance almost has a mouth-watering taste of gin mixed with smoky tobacco and a rich earthy dry down.

Sadel is Swedish for saddle and this fragrance is a tribute to Swedish design and craftsmanship. The fragrance notes and accords to be found in Sadel are leather, butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and tobacco create a natural, primitive and comforting scent that evokes feelings of clarity and engagement, bringing the connection between rider and ride into life.

Skymning is Swedish for dusk and was created as a manifestation of the sunset sky and its emotional effect as during a vast part of the year most parts of Sweden lack sunlight due to grey cloudy skies. Intense colourful skies can therefore cause strong mixed emotions of awe and envy, pleasure and sadness. Skymning has notes of iris and violet, violet candy and musk and it’s my favourite of all 6 fragrances. The violets are sweet and powdery and float on top of fluffy musk with a subtle woody base giving an effortless delicate and delicious scent that lingers on the skin for hours and makes me smile every time I sniff my wrist!

All perfumes are available on

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