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Gucci Bloom

Tuberose is very popular lately and I'm really happy about it. A note that was considered old fashioned and "heavy" in the last couple of decades when everything was supposed to smell "clean" is making a major comeback and has managed to transcend from the niche perfume houses and sneak into the mainstream perfume bottles; quite masterfully as well.

The latest creation by Gucci's new creative director Alessandro Michele in collaboration with perfumer Alberto Morillas is called Gucci Bloom and it's built around tuberose with the aim to bring in life Alessandro Michele's idea of an abundant, beautiful garden.

White flowers such as natural sambac jasmine and heady tuberose are mixed with woody accents of orris root and the new accord of Chinese honeysuckle or Rangoon creeper (Combretum indicum), a vine with red flowers native to India and exclusive to this fragrance.

Although it launched last summer I find it to be just perfect for this cold weather as it's a perfume that makes a bold statement and lasts despite the cold. I received a miniature from Debenhams as a gift for being a member of their Beauty Club and have been wearing it a lot! The boldness of tuberose is present from the first spray and although you can definitely smell the other flowers of the composition, they always remain in the background and are used more to enhance the main note. It's a beautiful interpretation of the flower, with green and fresh aspects and the powder of orris in the base only deepens the illusion of a garden in full bloom.

It lasts for ever on the skin and my scarf still has the divine scent lingering on. The perfume is available in various sizes and also is accompanied by delicious body products!

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