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A rose for the New Year - Rose Millésimée by Jovoy

Every New Year should start with a new perfume. One of the fragrances that captivated my senses last year was Rose Millésimée by Jovoy Paris.

Built as the embodiment of the Centifolia Rose, Rose Millésimée is an olfactory metaphor for a moment frozen in time, the reflection of a story, a region and a tradition of craftsmanship.

To the Grasse region’s native blossom, Vanina Muracciole has added a dash of spices, candied apples, essence of Bulgarian rose and white musc to create a “powerful and carnal soliflore.”

It's a daring rose, freshly bloomed and sparkling with citruses, that slowly evolves to a deep intoxicating, enveloping true rose flower scent with an added hint of spices and softened down by delicate musks. It's a fragrance that remains linear after a point but it's such a beautiful natural rose fragrance that even if you don't like rose based perfumes I guarantee you will like and maybe change your mind about the king of flowers!

Happy New Year!

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