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Korean Beauty secrets – Blossom Jeju

I love Korean beauty products as they are great for my skin, the make up colours complement my paper white skin and the skincare products have done miracles for my skin’s texture.

I don’t go as far as following the full 10 step system but a double cleanse, serums, toners and sheet masks are a daily habit. One of the products I wanted to add to my regime was the essence.

Skinsider, the perfect place to find Korean beauty products, has kindly sent me a couple of products to try, Blossom Jeju’s Camellia Soombi Deep Repair Eye Cream & Camellia Soombi Essence Toner.

Blossom Jeju started in Jeju Island, the largest Island off of South Korea, "legendary for its lush ecosystem, producing nourishing ingredients that have been sought after for centuries for their healing and enhancing properties".

The entire line is inspired by the Camellia flower with the use of Camellia Japonica Seed oil which has one of the highest percentages of omega 9 oleic acid of any natural oil and is naturally occurring antioxidants & Camellia Floral Water is used instead of purified water for its hydration and calming effect properties.

Korean women never forget essence in their skincare routine, whether it is morning or night. It’s the step that always follows after cleansing and toner. Essence is a concentrated formula, usually with a runny consistency but a bit thicker than serum, that specifically targets wrinkles, fine lines, and dull and uneven skin tones. With regular use you will notice that your skin is brighter and more revitalized as it also enhances the properties or the serums(s) you apply beforehand.

Camellia Soombi Treatment Essence Toner is a part of Blossom Jeju’s ‘Gold Label’ range designed to deliver deep hydration and address saggy skin by improving its firmness.

Camellia Soombi Essence Toner is a unique toner that not only hydrates skin but also provides long lasting, anti-ageing moisture and protects skin from harsh environmental stresses. This uniquely soothing and hydrating toner is a mixture of botanical extracts among of which you can find essential oils and various herbs such as Tea Tree, Chamomile, Citrus, Magnolia and more.

It has a light texture that makes the product suitable for any skin type. It does not clog pores and also can be used by anyone with oily skin prone to acne and breakouts who wants to address sagging skin and fight against fine lines and wrinkles creation.

I have used it daily the last few weeks and it absorbs instantly leaving my skin really plump.

Tip: do not use a cotton pad to apply it as you will waste the product. Just a few drops on your palms/ fingers and then gently pat it on the skin as it will enhance absorption.

I have never been without an eye cream since I was 17 and I can't ever be without one. I have tried quite a few throughout the years and I always look for something that will have multiple benefits for my skin.

Camellia Soombi Eye Repair Cream is a rich and soothing eye treatment for those with skin showing signs of ageing. This product is packed with free radical-fighting antioxidants which help to prevent the development of lines and wrinkles while reversing signs of cellular fatigue, and smoothes and de-puffs skin around eyes so that fine lines appear diminished and the skin’s elasticity is gradually restored. Camellia Soombi Eye Repair Cream is proven to visibly reduce the signs of ageing. A cooling formula tackles puffiness and under-eye circles and provides supreme nourishment to the delicate eye area.

The texture is rich but light and quick absorbing and it provides moisture and nourishment through Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Carnitine. It has increased the elasticity of my skin and I also use it around the lip area for extra moisture.

From the same line I would also suggest the luxuriously textured, Blossom Jeju’s Camellia Soombi Cleansing Oil which contains 55% omega-rich Camellia Japonica Seed Oil that removes impurities and waterproof makeup while maintaining natural moisture levels for a radiant complexion & the Camellia Soombi Deep Repair Night Cream, an intensely moisturising overnight treatment that works in sync with the skin’s natural night-time recovery process to achieve a lifted, brighter look by the morning.

I have been very impressed by the quality of the products and it has made it a bigger fan of Korean beauty regimes!

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